House Fire in Northwest Bryan Displaces Residents

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*10 P.M. Update*

Flames and smoke filled the sky in a neighborhood just west of Bryan Thursday afternoon as a house burned to the ground forcing two women and small child to run for safety.

The home on West 28th Street is a total loss for the Burton Family, but their daughter says she's grateful she happened to stop by and get everyone out in time.

The fire spread quickly through the house.

Smoke could be seen for miles as News 3 headed to the scene with flames already shooting out of the house when Sheriff's Deputies first arrived and firefighters put out the fire, which the family says started in an electrical box on the wall.

But the Burton Family and their daughter are giving thanks they weren't hurt.

A raging inferno could be seen on West 28th Street just outside Bryan on an otherwise beautiful day.

"This is my childhood home. 59 years or more," said Deborah Cooks.

Cooks came to check on her 78-year-old parents. She said the Lord told her to come by on this day for some reason. She'd only been there a few minutes.

"I heard a crackle from the electrical box and I walked into the house after I told them to stay out on the porch. And I walked into the house down the hall into the room and the wall where the electrical box was already on fire," she said.

Cooks got her mother Amanda Burton as well as her 22-mont- old nephew out before sheriff's deputies and firefighters arrived.

"I just told my mom get out I picked up the baby and some other things, the purse from my car keys, and we got out of the house and moved the car and went across the street to the neighbor's house," she said.

Flames were already billowing when first responders arrived from Brazos County Precinct 4 and City of Bryan. The initial units ran out of water as the nearest hydrant was a quarter mile away in the city.

Precinct 4 Fire Chief Joe Ondrasek says the fire could have been deadly.

"And so that family support helping them to get out, very, very critical to no one getting hurt here," he said.

The Red Cross is helping too.

"They are going to be staying with family, so we're not going to be providing shelter, we are providing funds to buy some food and some clothing and some shoes," said Jennifer Wiginton, a Red Cross Disaster Services Specialist.

Deborah Cooks says she had a vision a few weeks ago something might happen to her parents' house, but says it'll be ok.

"I just believe in God and I believe if he allowed this to happen he had something greater for them," said Cooks.

One firefighter suffered minor burn injuries to his hands but was able to continue working. Fire officials do believe the fire was electrical in nature and they do not see anything suspicious about it at this point.

The family's daughter says she doesn't believe the home was insured.

*6 P.M. Update*

Firefighters say that fire on West 28th Street started because of an electrical problem.

Fire destroyed a family's home Thursday afternoon in northwest Bryan, and now an elderly couple is looking for another place to stay.

It shut down traffic and kept firefighters busy, but roads have since reopened.

This was a fast moving fire and is believed to have started on an electrical box on the wall and moved throughout the house.

A 78 year-old mother, her daughter and a great nephew were all inside the house and escaped safely but just about everything was destroyed.

Sheriff's Deputies were first to arrive on scene and reported flames.

Brazos County Precinct 4 Volunteer firefighters as well as the Bryan Fire Department responded to the home out on West 28th Street out in the county.

They did struggle get the fire under control in part because the nearest fire hydrant was more than a quarter of a mile away.

Deborah Cooks tells us the Lord told her to go check on her 78-year-old mother when she discovered the fire. She was able to get her mom and a 22-year-old nephew out of the house in time.

"I just told my mom get out I picked up the baby and some other things, the purse from my car keys, and we got out of the house and moved the car and went across the street to the neighbor's house," said Deborah Cooks.

"Those units, the units did the best they could and ran out of water our water supply, the fire spreading pretty fast, probably some of the biggest impacts of the fire," explained Chief Joe Ondrasek, with the Brazos County Precinct 4 Volunteer Fire Department.

One firefighter did suffer very minor burns to his hands fighting the fire but was able to continue working.

The Red Cross is providing clothing and meal assistance to the homeowners but they do have a place to stay with family for now.

The family's daughter says she doesn't believe the home has insurance.

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A fire in northwest Bryan has firefighters on scene and roads in the area closed.

According to the News 3 crew on scene, one building is fully engulfed in the 3800 block of West 28th Street, and there is other property threatened.

The location is near the intersection of Highway 21 and FM 2818.

Crews from multiple city and county departments have responded.

You're asked to avoid the area if at all possible.

The home was being lived in at the time by three people, according to a person who says they're a daughter of one of the occupants. There were reportedly people inside the home at the time of the fire, but all made it out safely.

Red Cross has been asked to provide assistance.

Stay with News 3 and for the latest.