Firefighters: Christmas at Work is a Way of Life

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas It's Christmas day, and firefighters in Bryan and College Station are on the clock, but not far from family.

"That's pretty standard for us," said Leon Moore, a firefighter with fire station number 2 in College Station.

Moore said the station's Christmas-day crew of nine spends their 24-hour shift at the station like any other family. Wrapping last-minute gifts, laughing and talking with friends and cooking Christmas dinner.

"We have our families come up. We have kids and they'll come up and visit. We'll cook dinner. We normally have a big meal," said Moore.

Joy Ferguson said her husband has been a firefighter for 30 years now, and for her, Christmas at the fire station is a way of life.

"This is our family. The rest of the firefighters are our family and we get to have dinner with them. So it makes it nice," said Ferguson.

Over at Bryan's fire station number 1, the crew watches a little television after dinner while the newest firefighter, Lane Hudson, cleans up in the kitchen.

Firefighter Jason Traeger said the station is like a home away from home.

"It's a great group of guys. It's great to spend Christmas here," said Traeger.

Traeger said they'd likely spend time together on Christmas on or off the clock.