Firefighters Injured in Deadly Bryan Fire to Return Home

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BRYAN UPDATE: The escort bringing Ricky Mantey and Mitch Moran home to Bryan Fire Station Number One today is currently right on schedule. Chief McGregor anticipates arriving at the Brazos County line at 2:15 p.m., so they should still be entering the College Station city limits at approximately 2:30 p.m.

The fire engine arches have been moved to the intersection of Texas Avenue and William J. Bryan. The escort will travel through this intersection prior to arriving at Fire Station Number One at approximately 3 p.m.


Two firefighters critically injured in a February fire at the Knights of Columbus Hall return home Friday.

Ricky Mantey and Mitch Moran have spent months recovering from severe burn injuries they suffered while trying to rescue another firefighter in distress. They have undergone treatment at The University of Texas Medical Branch burn unit in Galveston.

The city will be welcoming home the firefighters with a salute, including a procession aboard the fire truck that responded to the deadly fire.

Mantey and Moran were both part of the team dispatched to the February 15th fire at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Bryan. Investigators say an electrical problem sparked the fire, and two Bryan fire lieutenants died in the fire.

Bryan Fire Chief Randy McGregor anticipates the two firefighters will arrive in Bryan around 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. Friday, and, with a Bryan Police Department escort, will follow State Highway Business 6 (Texas Avenue) northward through College Station and Bryan, turning left on William Joel Bryan Parkway in Bryan and ending the journey at Bryan Fire Station Number One.

The public and media are invited to line the sidewalks along Texas Avenue to welcome our heroes home and to show our appreciation for their bravery and sacrifice.

Chief McGregor looks forward to the firefighter’s homecoming, and is very proud of the young men.

"I consider these two men almost my sons in many regards. They're just great people, and it's just been a very painful experience for myself and all of our folks here in our fire department to see these guys go through this. But they are incredible men, they're strong men, and we could not be more proud of them and the progress they've made and just their attitudes about getting well. And both of them have the one goal of getting back on that fire truck as quick as they can," said McGregor.

Since departure procedure times can vary, McGregor has advised he will notify city staff when the engine carrying Ricky and Mitch back to Bryan is about two hours from arrival at the city limits. The city's communications staff will post a more accurate arrival time on the city's webpage, Facebook and Twitter following McGregor's Friday phone call.

News 3 will have live, team coverage of the event beginning around 2:30pm Friday afternoon. It will also be streaming live on