Firefighters from Across the State Honor Local Heroes

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Hundreds of firefighters from across the state drove the distance Wednesday morning to honor two fallen heroes. Heroes who sacrificed their lives in the deadly Knights of Columbus fire last Friday.

Before the sun could settle in, hundreds of men and women in uniform overflowed the intersection of Boonville Road and FM 60 in College Station.

“This service is completely different than what a lot of people don't know. It's going to open everyone's eyes” said Jeff Kendrick.

Kendrick and his fleet of fireman drove 200 miles Wednesday morning to show support for their fallen brothers. Although he never met 36-year-old Lieutenant Eric Wallace or 54-year-old Gregory Pickard; as a fellow firefighter, he says he and the team share an unspoken understanding and an infinite bond of brotherhood.

“We come to work knowing that we might have to pay that ultimate sacrifice, and these two gentlemen did that,” said Kendrick.

Emergency Personnel, first responders and law enforcement officials alike stood guard; standing; watching and waiting as fire trucks from across the state came rolling in. Honoring the fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the homes, buildings and people of the Brazos Valley.