Fireworks Safety: What You Need to Know

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BRAZOS COUNTY - Firework sales are heating up, and safety is on everyone's mind...

"Sort of like gun safety, firecracker safety is about the same," said, Eric Ellsworth, a firecracker customer.

Especially fireworks vendors.

"You can't let anyone smoke anywhere near the place, because it will burn down," said Alan Hill with Mr. W Fire Works off Highway 60.

Hill says the best way to light fireworks isn't necessarily with a lighter...

"You want to make sure you have some punks to light them with, because if you try and use a regular cigarette lighter, you're going to burn your hand."

And as you make your way out to buy fireworks for this Fourth of July, Fire Officials are reminding us to be careful.

"Just use common sense," said Bryan Fire Department Battalion Chief Joe Ondrasek.

"Shooting fireworks at one another is very dangerous, holding a firework in your hand while you light it is very dangerous," Ondrasek said.

Make sure you're in a legal area...

"It is illegal to possess or shoot fireworks in the city limits of Bryan/College Station," Ondrasek said.

And just because you're outside the city limits doesn't mean you're in the clear. There's still the threat of damaging closely packed homes and businesses, so the law requires an additional 5,000 feet, or about a mile, of clearance from the city limits to be safe.

"The threat or hazard of causing damage or harm is much greater," Ondrasek said.

And if you are going to light fireworks in a legal area...

"Make sure and have [a] bucket of water or water hose around."

"Even though we do have a lot of...have had a lot of rain, and things are green, things still can catch on fire," Ondrasek said.

And of course, always watch the little ones so that they, too, can have a happy and safe 4th of July.