First Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrow Signals Now Up In B/CS

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It's a sign of change as a traffic light with a flashing yellow arrow is now operational at F-M 2818 and George Bush Drive in College Station.

We told you about the plans Wednesday, and late Thursday afternoon it became operational.

So far people appear to be getting the hang of the new light when they see it.

It's something we haven't seen in Aggieland but is the future of TxDOT intersections.

New flashing yellow arrow left turn signals at F-M 2818 and George Bush Drive lit up for the first time Thursday afternoon.

Commuters seemed to navigate through it fine.

"I think it's a lot more confusing for people," said driver and Texas A&M Junior Stephanie Courtright.

She doesn't see the need for them.

"Like we've always been taught that you know you just go with the green light or with a normal or with an arrow and so the yield it confuses everyone," she added.

Matt Taylor had never seen one until now and didn't know how it worked.

"I can see getting used to it," he said.

Here's what you should know on how to safely get through. The familiar steady green arrow means you can go ahead and make a protected left hand turn.

The blinking yellow arrow means you need to yield before turning left and watch out for oncoming traffic.

A solid yellow arrow means prepare to stop because the light is turning red. A steady red arrow means don't turn left.

Accidents have still occurred at intersections where these lights are up elsewhere.

In July of last year two drivers escaped injury in Waco when a pickup truck and SUV collided head-on. Police said the driver of the pickup failed to yield at a blinking yellow arrow light.

Then a month before that, a Waco woman died when she drove her Dodge Neon into the path of a Ford Explorer.

We don't know if drivers were confused in either of those crashes.

For drivers here it's a new lesson behind the wheel.

"They started it in my home town San Antonio and people don't really know what to do with it," said Courtright.

These type of lights are already up and running in many other Texas communities including Waco, Richardson, Tyler, Arlington, and in other states too.

This project is coming at a cost of $155,000 just for that intersection, and TxDOT is working to bring more lights like these to protected left turn lanes in the coming years.