Investigations Into Local E. coli Cases Continue

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The Brazos County Health Department held a news conference Wednesday on what they are calling a small outbreak of E. coli in Bryan/College Station.

There are five confirmed cases of E-coli, including two children who were taken to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

Four-year-old Jack Melton and his brother, 17-month-old Noah Melton are recovering and listed in fair condition.

The parents sent a statement saying they don't want to talk to media yet, but ask for prayers.

According to a Facebook page created to support Noah and Jack Melton, the mother, who is nine months pregnant, is by their children's bed sides at the hospital.

Medical professionals say parents have been concerned ever since the public was notified of the small outbreak. They say it should be alarming if your child has a combination of symptoms related to E. coli.

Julie Anderson with the Brazos County Health Department says the symptoms include fatigue, fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

“If they do have blood, definitely seek help right away,” said Anderson.

Not only are parents being notified of the recent cases but so are doctors.

"We have alerted area doctors’ offices so that the parent doesn't have to know all the signs or symptoms if their doctor has already been alerted to look for these signs or symptoms,” Anderson said.

There’s still no word on the source of that bacteria.

The Brazos County Health Department says there are no other counties in the area that have reported cases of E. coli.