Flat Screens In Demand Before The Super Bowl

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Local store managers say that sales for flat screen TV 's increase around 15 to 20 percent before the Super Bowl.

KBTX talked with a number of fans buying flat screen TV's to watch the big Super Bowl game.The game is just a day away and the count down is on.

"There's nothing like watching a game on a big flat screen TV," said Ben Lang.

"Eat some food, have some fun and just enjoy the game," said Donovan Delgado.

Not everyone can see it first hand, so the next best thing was found by many at Best Buy.

"My TV was kind of working and then it finally went out so I decided to get one and especially you know right before the Super Bowl. You can't miss the Super Bowl because of the TV," said Donovan Delgado.

Brad Agpar, a Managing Partner at Texas Roadhouse purchased two 60 inch flat screens to accommodate customers on Superbowl Sunday.

"When you put it on High-Def, especially the bar area kind of thing, it pops out and you actually you feel like you're in the game itself," said Brad Apgar.

AudioVideo made a special delivery to customers in Brenham.

Nathan Shannon has been busy at work installing flat screen TV's.

"We always see an increase in business around this time of year. The Super Bowl always helps a lot and you can always tell a difference once the super bowl has passed, everyone's almost done spending money for the year," said Nathan Shannon.

"It makes you feel like you're almost there at the game," said Donna Bridges.

Donna Bridges is looking forward to watching from her 65 inch flat screen from the kitchen while she cooks.

"My husband has sports fans that he loves watching the game with so we'll just see who's available and sit down and have a great time."

For many fans watching the 2013 Super Bowl on a flat screen TV can enhance the picture of game while businesses are reaping the benefits.