Flores: Let Market Determine Student Loan Rates, Not Congress

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BRYAN Representative Bill Flores spoke by phone to Brazos Valley This Morning Wednesday about Congress working to reduce the interest rate on student loans, immigration reform in the House of Representatives and the partial delay in Obamacare.

Flores said the federal government shouldn't be in the student loan business. The republican congressman believes the interest rate should be market driven, instead of set by Congress.

"If you went to a market driven rate, rates for student loans would be lower than the Congressional set rates," said Flores.

On immigration, Flores said the Senate bill won't go anywhere in the House. Among the reasons he lists, "pork-barrel spending" was high on the list.

Flores said members of the House would be meeting for a few hours Wednesday to discuss what ideas they have on immigration reform.

Congressman Bill Flores appears on BVTM the first Wednesday of every month.