Following the Dollar Donated to the Brazos Valley Food Bank

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Each year we ask the community to help us raise food and funds for the Brazos Valley Food Bank. The food that's raised gets sorted and sent back out, but what happens to the money?

Over 200,000 pounds and nearly $200,000.

The Brazos Valley Food Bank relies each year on the generosity of the Brazos Valley to help keep the shelves stocked and food in the hands of those in need. But what about the money donated?

"That money is definitely going towards purchasing food or acquiring food," said Theresa Mangapora with the Brazos Valley Food Bank. She says the first place they look when buying isn't a store, but other food banks.

"If it's a certain kind of item that we're looking for specifically, for a program, we're always going to try there first," said Mangapora.

Then, they look to vendors. The food bank can purchase at wholesale prices, which means more food for your dollar.

"We're buying items at least by the case, usually by the pallet. Then it goes into inventory," said Mangapora. Everything that comes into the food bank inventory, must also be taken out of the food bank inventory.

From there, it goes to food pantries across the Brazos Valley or programs such as backpacks for kids and senior bags. Then, into the hands of those who need it most.

"We see a lot of the working poor people that you know aren't able to feed their children," said Billie Elmendorf, a food bank volunteer.

"We have a lot of widows and widowers and old people that have worked all their lives and now cannot afford to feed themselves," continued Elmendorf.

"People probably think that feeding people is not complicated, and it really isn't complicated, but, logistically, there are a lot of moving parts," said Mangapora. Parts that work together to help our friends and neighbors put food on the table.