Brazos Valley Food Bank's Dollar Buying Power

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The 18th annual Food For Families Food Drive is just around the corner, awakening the holiday spirit all across the Brazos Valley. It's an event where the community comes together to give back to those in need.

While food donations are always appreciated, Theresa Mangapora, Executive Director of the Brazos Valley Food Bank shows News 3 why monetary donations go a little longer, providing more food for families.

Whether it's peanut butter or canned goods, your donations help fight hunger across the Brazos Valley.

It's an issue that's easily overlooked, as many of us take daily, warm meals for granted. Just to put it into perspective, The Brazos Valley Food Bank partners with 40 agencies, providing assistance to those locally who meet federal poverty guidelines.

The Food For Families food drive happening all day Wednesday is an organized drive through, where people can drop off their groceries or money to the Food Bank.

"It can be very fast, but it can make a huge impact," said Mangapora.

What you may not know, is thanks to access to whole sellers and buying in bulk, the Food Bank is able to take a dollar and maximize that amount five times.

"Another way to look at that is we can take a dollar and convert that into four meals; probably none of us can get four meals out of a dollar anywhere we go," Mangapora said.

For instance, Mangapora says a $20 donation to the Food Bank would equate to what a typical shopper could buy for $100.

But if you don't have the money to donate or prefer giving actual groceries, Mangapora says they can never get enough items like breakfast cereals or coffee.

"If you're a pantry volunteer, you really want to give people meals, you want them to think they have something for breakfast, something for lunch and something for dinner," she explained.

Mangapora says rice and beans are always in high demand, as they can create many types of dishes.

If you'd like to be part of the cause, be sure to join us Wednesday. We'll be at the Brazos Center in Bryan, Kimbro Center in Madisonville and the Mid-South Synergy Office in Navasota, taking your food and monetary donations to help the Brazos Valley Food Bank feed our friends and neighbors.