For Aggies, Labor Day Means Back to School

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TEXAS A&M - Even though it's Labor Day and many people had the day off, the work for thousands of Aggies started as they reported for classes at Texas A&M University.

For Aggies, the first day of school is a big deal.

"Being a part of a community this big, it's a giant family. So documenting your first day at school is just as important as documenting every day after that," said Texas A&M Student Caylor Smith.

Some are new.

"I am the first Aggie in my family, actually. And a proud one, too," Smith said.

Some have always bled maroon.

"My parents went here, my brother goes here, and it just feels like home," said fellow Aggie Lindsay Fortune.

Still others, like Christopher Smith, are testing the water.

"I'm here for the prospective student tour. I'm here to look at A&M and decide if I want to go here and learn about the student life and all about A&M," Chris said.

His dad, Rodney, is hopeful.

"I'm pushing him towards A&M. It's something I wish I had done. I love their traditions, I have a lot of really good friends who are Aggies and it would be a great four years for him."

The verdict?

"It's really nice, I was surprised. I didn't think I would like it but the facilities are really nice and all the people seem really nice and friendly," Chris said.

And for all those little Ags now grown and attending the university of their dreams and for future ones, the first day of school in Aggieland is definitely special.