Former Bryan Planned Parenthood Director Claims There Were Abortion Quotas

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The former director of the now-closed Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan now claims the organization placed quotas on abortions.

As reported by the conservative website The Daily Caller, Abby Johnson released a budget statement for Fiscal Year 2010 from the Bryan clinic she claims shows they were expected to carry out 1,135 abortions in the year in an effort to meet budget.

Johnson made national headlines when, in 2009, she left the Bryan clinic and began rallying support against Planned Parenthood and abortions. The clinic closed in 2013.

Johnson heads up a group called "And Then There Were None," which released a picture in early July of what appears to be an award for a Colorado clinic performing more abortions in the first half of Fiscal Year 2013 than in the second half of FY2012.

Planned Parenthood denied having quotas after the Colorado accusation came out, but officials said they work to expand services and "celebrate progress" in making sure people can get reproductive health care.

Johnson claims she brought concerns about the abortion expectations to her supervisor at Planned Parenthood, but said the supervisor laughed at her and said abortions were how the organization made their money.