Former Bryan Police Chief Ty Morrow Says B/CS "A Racist City"

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A former Bryan Police Chief is calling Bryan / College Station a racist community.

Ty Morrow's comments made during a campaign speech were recorded and put on YouTube.

Morrow is running for Mayor of Freeport, Texas.

He resigned from the Bryan Police Department in 2009 following accusations that he abused his wife.

Ty Morrow told News 3 Wednesday he doesn't believe racism was happening within the walls of Bryan City Hall, but believes the external investigation was racist in nature.

Regardless of what he's saying today, those comments from that video are disappointing for those in Bryan who once worked with him.

"I will resign my position as Chief of Police and retire from the Bryan Police Department," said Ty Morrow on June 15, 2009.

It was a tearful goodbye in June 2009 as Bryan Police Chief Ty Morrow stepped down amid allegations he'd abused his then-wife Cindy.

"I believe I have dishonored the uniform that the men and women here wear," he said.

Morrow is now in the news for a campaign video he posted on YouTube.

He's running for Mayor of Freeport, but retired as Chief of Police there February 4th after being relieved of duties by the Freeport City Council for undisclosed complaints.

The Freeport City Manager tells us Morrow left before a full investigation was to begin.

"Being a black man in a racist city like Bryan/College Station, if I had done anything that they could have prosecuted me for, I would have been under the jail. Not in it. I would have been under it," said Morrow in a YouTube video.

Morrow declined a recorded interview request Wednesday, but told News 3 by phone that he wanted to clarify his comments.

He said that he didn't believe the community or City of Bryan's actions were racist, but the seven month Attorney General's investigation into his conduct.

"I had some issues in Bryan," said Morrow also in the YouTube video.

David Watkins, the City Manager in Bryan at the time of Morrow's departure, now holds the same position in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

He had this to say about Morrow's comments.

"I had a good relationship with him. I thought he did some good things. I don't know why he made the comments, that's really a question for him. But I felt like from a city manager and a mayor / council point of view, I thought the internal review was extremely fair and impartial," said Watkins.

"Things did happen in Bryan. Things are not as they say they are," added Morrow in the YouTube video.

Six people are running for Mayor of Freeport including their incumbent Mayor.

The Freeport City Manager says Morrow left there with more than $51,000 in severance pay, but a formal criminal complaint from a member of the public has been filed this week for undisclosed allegations.

The YouTube video with Morrow's comments of racism was pulled from the internet Wednesday.

Morrow was no-billed by a Brazos County Grand Jury for the allegations here in March 2009.

Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski also spoke with us and says he's disappointed with the comments.

He says the city's legal department is looking into whether Morrow violated any terms of his separation agreement by making these comments about the community.

City of Bryan Statement on Morrow's Comments:

City of Bryan officials are disturbed to hear about the recent comments made by former Bryan Police Chief Ty Morrow, who, until recently, served as the police chief in Freeport, Texas. Apparently, Morrow’s comments were made in preparation of his Freeport mayoral race in which he posted a YouTube video titled, “Rumors, Rumors, Rumors,” that made disparaging claims about the Bryan/College Station community.

The Mayor states, “We are shocked to learn that an individual who has held police chief positions in the state and who is considering running for a mayoral position would use such insensitive language in a mean-spirited and hateful manner. Mr. Morrow’s comments are disrespectful and should not be tolerated in any forum.”

Bryan City Manager Kean Register adds, “The recent concerns raised by Morrow in his YouTube video were never expressed during Morrow’s tenure with the city. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, we find Mr. Morrow’s recent public comments offensive and unprofessional.”

During an investigation by the State Attorney General of a domestic disturbance issue between Mr. and Mrs. Morrow that occurred at the Morrow residence in November 2008, Ty Morrow resigned from his position as Bryan police chief in June 2009. The City of Bryan will not comment further on this matter.