Former Classmates Reunite For Holladay Fundraiser

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One friend's sorrow has been a source of unity for the Bryan High Class of 1980.

"The love and support of my classmates friends fellowship has been awesome," said Debbie Holladay.

Debbie Holladay is a graduate of Bryan High School. Her two sons, 17-year-old Dusty and 23-year-old Blake were killed in a head on collision near North Zulch in Madison County last Friday. Friends say it's been a tough loss to cope with.

"One minute, one hour, one day is how I will get through this," said Holladay.

The class of 1980 raised money to help cover funeral costs not just for her children but mother-in-law, who died the same week.

Friends shared fond memories of good times at Bryan High.

Michelle McNew has grown a strong bond with Holladay.

"She is just an amazing person herself and just her strength and just to be here shows that character that she gives to us," said McNew.

The restaurant was full of noise and emotion as the classmates fellow-shipped with one another.

"There were a lot of tears shed so it's different reasons for those tears. Some are painful and some feel real good. So putting it into words is hard to do," said Kip Martin.

Kip Martin, General Manager of Pepe's hosted the event with open arms.

"Its like having people over at your house for dinner so there's nothing, better, there's nothing better. It's very rewarding," said Martin.

"I saw how much those boys meant to the community and it just made me think, this is the least we can do to help them," said Peter Rocha.

Classmates say they stand by each other and once a Bryan viking always a Viking.

Members of the class of 1980 came from Houston and out-of-state for the fundraiser. They raised about 500 dollars.