Former County Employee Convicted of Theft

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Bryan, TX On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, a former Deputy County Clerk was convicted of Theft by a Public Servant. Jaime Hines paid $16,224, the full amount of restitution, at the time of her plea. She will serve five years on probation, with the possibility of spending time in prison if she does not comply with the conditions of probation.

A criminal investigation by the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office revealed Hines would issue marriage licenses and then pocket the cash couples would pay for the license fee instead of issuing a receipt and entering the money into the County Clerk’s account.

The County Clerk’s office has adopted measures recommended by the Brazos County Auditor’s office to prevent such theft from occurring in the future.

“When someone is elected, appointed, or employed in the public sector, people expect them to act with integrity. It’s important for every-one to know that public servants are held accountable for their actions so they can maintain faith in their local institutions.”

Assistant District Attorney John Brick prosecuted the case on behalf of the State of Texas.