Former Kent Moore Cabinets Employee Arrested For Theft

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A Bryan man is out of jail charged with stealing materials from his old employer Kent Moore Cabinets.

43-year-old Jesus "Jesse" Castillo was arrested Friday and is charged with three counts of theft of property.

Last month he was fired from his position as purchasing manager at Kent Moore Cabinets in Bryan after company officials and police say he stole cabinet materials and resold them.

In November Bryan Police say they recovered some of the stolen property after Castillo resold items at a home on Bittle Lane in Bryan.

He's accused of stealing around one thousand dollars worth of cabinet materials over three occassions.

Castillo is out of jail after posting $12,000 bond.

Police say he told them he was going through a divorce and needed the money to pay his lawyer.

He and several other employees were terminated from Kent Moore Cabinets in November after the alleged thefts were discovered.