Former Local Distributors Finding Success Brewing Beer

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On the northwest side of Houston, in a warehouse that used to be home to beer distributor, you'll find the Karbach Brewing Company.

Karbach joins an ever growing list of Texas craft beer producers and just like the Southern Star Brewery in Conroe and New Republic Brewery in College Station, this operation has been brewed with some College Station connections.

"We've got a lot of Aggies that work here at the brewery," said employee David Graham who isn't one of those Aggies but he does work for one.

"Karbach Brewing Company all started in the early 80's with our founders Chuck Robertson and Ken Goodman. That's when they started a beer distribution company based out of College Station and that's where they learned about craft beer, import beer, and really got excited about it," said Graham.

In 2008, the C.R. Goodman Distribution Co based here in B/CS was sold to Ben E. Keith Beverages. That allowed the Aggie, Robertson and College Station native, Goodman to pop a top on a new venture.

"That afforded them the opportunity to start the brewery here in Houston that you're standing in now," said Graham.

In a year and half, Karbach has grown faster than the hops in their beer, spreading their brews at major retailers and pubs from College Station to Galveston.

"It's been amazing. It's gone past our own expectations of how quickly we've been embraced by everybody and the community," said Graham.

Like they say, beauty lies in the hands of the beer-holder.

The Karbach Brewers produce 248,000 gallons of beer a year and you can find their beers here in B/CS at most grocery stores and many of the area watering holes.