Former NFL, Aggie Player Warren Encourages Robertson County Students

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ROBERTSON COUNTY, TX - Former Aggie Football star Ty Warren used to push around offensive lineman in the NFL.

Now he's pushing kids, who might not otherwise dream of going to college, encouraging them to dream big.

At 6'5, 300 pounds, Ty Warren is hard to miss. His two Super Bowl rings also carry a lot of weight.

But the fact that he achieved so much. coming from a single parent, low income family, is why his message hits home with these students in Robertson County.

"Some of the kids around here go through the same things he goes through. And for him to come and speak in our school it'll inspire them to come to college to be a better person and just be successful," said Tiffany William, she is one of the students at Calvert High School who came out to listen to Warren speak about preparing for life, and staying in school.

"I want to talk to you guys about career focus," said Warren.

"It's not for no money or motive other than the fact I like to share what's been shared with me and that's pretty much the extent of it," he added.

Williams and her friend Raquel Wortham just finished their last day as seniors at Calvert and head to college this fall.

"I figured education is really important because a high school diploma can only get you so far," said Wortham.

Roy Lopez and Javier Aldape are both advisors at Texas A&M and asked Warren to come.

"Played NFL but the big thing about it he went back to school to get his bachelor's degree and now he's trying to work on his master's degree," said Lopez.

"It is competitive but we want to convey a message that we are open for our local kids so we try to reach out to our smaller school kids to open up," said Aldape.

The big fella's message was also well received by students at Hearne High School, including Sophomore Teandrea Cooke who wants to pursue a career in cosmetology.

"He wants us to learn and like achieve in life. That's what I learned from it," she said.

Some straight talk from a big man with a big heart for sharing his story.

Ty Warren graduated from Bryan High School; that's where he hosts the annual Ty Warren Football Camp for kids each summer.