Former Navasota Teacher Pleads Guilty to Indecency with a Child

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A former Navasota teacher will spend the next two years in prison after pleading guilty to indecency with a child.

Roberto Andaverde, 39, of College Station was convicted Wednesday of inappropriately touching a five-year-old student several times in 2009 while he was an ESL teacher at Webb Elementary School.

"ADA Andria Bender was ready to begin presenting evidence this morning when the issue of a possible plea came up. The case had been pending since November 2009 but, due to an appeal concerning the suppression of the defendant's statement he gave police, the case was postponed while the Court of Appeals reviewed the trial court's ruling. The case was returned to Grimes County this year for the trial to resume" District Attorney Tuck McLain explained. McLain went on to explain "It's always difficult to prepare a case after 5 years, especially when you are dealing with a child that was 5 years old when the assault occurred. The plea bargain was, in great part, to avoid additional trauma to the victim by having her testify. That combined with the facts that the 2 incidents involved 'over the clothes' touching and the defendant's lack of any criminal history which made him eligible for probation effected our decision." Bender said "We talked with the victim's family as well as the victim and they were pleased with the result. You could see a wave a relief come over the little girl when she realized this ordeal was over." "I hadn't got to see her smile much in my dealings with her but her smile lit up the room when she saw this man finally accept responsibility for what he did to her" Bender said.

Andeverde, who had been free on bond awaiting trial, was immediately taken into custody to be transported to prison.

Andeverde, who is a Mexican National, will serve approximately 80% of his sentence. Upon release from prison, he will be immediately deported back to Mexico.