Former Planned Parenthood Director Back in Town

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BRYAN, Texas A former director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan is back in town, and this time she says she wants to help women on her own terms.

Abby Johnson made headlines when she left Planned Parenthood for the Pro-Life movement.

"We were asked to double our quota of abortions that we were required to provide here in the Brazos Valley," said Johnson.

Johnson said it was something she witnessed at the clinic that sealed the deal for her.

"After witnessing a 13-week-old baby fight for its life during an abortion and lose that battle, I left Planned Parenthood," said Johnson.

Now that Planned Parenthood in Bryan has closed its doors for good, Johnson said it was time for her to come back.

"And we thought, what are we missing here in the Brazos Valley," said Johnson.

Johnson, along with the Guiding Star Project will soon open the Guiding Star Brazos Valley. A resource center for pregnant women in need of help, and a maternity home, providing information and a place to stay during and after pregnancy.

"We needed them to have a place where they could come and live," said Johnson. "Where they could learn to be a parent. Where they could learn how to be a mom and be supported by other groups in the community."

Lauren Gulde with Guiding Star Brazos Valley says it will be a place for any woman in need of some help.

"Whether it's maternity clothes, or when the baby is born if they need diapers, baby clothes, formula," said Gulde.

"Guiding Star Brazos Valley, which will be the first of its kind, is expected to open in 2014 and will go through three phases of development," said Laura Ricketts, Executive Director of the Guiding Star Project. "Phase One will see the Guiding Star Brazos Valley offering a host of Pregnancy Care and Resource services and will focus on the renovating and readying of the Guiding Star Brazos Valley Maternity Home."

Ricketts said Phase Two will include the opening of the Maternity Home. Phase Three will be an expansion to coordinate services beyond pregnancy support to include lactation consultation, child care classes, fertility care and instruction, birth support and comprehensive women's health care.

Guiding Star Brazos Valley is a non-profit organization and will be hosting its first fundraiser on February 16, 2014 at St. Mary's Catholic Church.

Johnson said they're working out the details for a location for the center.

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