Former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice Inspires A&M Students

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COLLEGE STATION Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave an inspiring speech Tuesday night at Texas A&M.

Rice served under President George Bush as Secretary of State, and under President George H.W. Bush as a foreign affairs adviser.

She appeared as part of the MSC Wiley Lecture Series, presenting "The Impacts of Modern American Politics" to a large crowd of A&M students, faculty, and others.

She touched on a number of topics she experienced during her tenure,including the terror attacks in 2001, the economic collapse in 2008, and what is playing out now around the world, residents rising up against tyranny in their countries.

And Secretary Rice said the greatest national security crisis could be the crisis in K-through-12, our public education system.

She also advised Aggies not to take their education for granted, and don't let someone else define your passion.

Texas A&M prohibited the media's use of audio from tonight's speech because of the contract with Rice in this lecture series.