Former Student Loses Battle to Cancer, Named Honorary 12th Man

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COLLEGE STATION- The Aggies have a special weapon for their game against Mississippi State University: Joshua Kyle Schoenvogel, and he's the honorary 12th Man. Although his life was cut short, Joshua lived life to the fullest. He suffered brain cancer for more than two decades; once while he was a student at A&M until the cancer took his life in August 2012, but he never gave up.

"This is such an incredible honor for Joshua," said Joshua's mom, Luann. "Joshua believed his struggles were just something God gave him. He didn't cry about it, he didn't whine about it. He was a focus for so many to show his strength that he could last 22 years, whereas really and truly we should have lost him at age eight."

Luanne could not be more proud of he late son.

"To be the 12th Man is the ultimate honor," she said. "It shows how much he loved this university. Just an incredible honor."

"We all have different battles to fight and overcome and to finally lose one like this just touches your heart," said Louis Cheek, a former NFL and Aggie football player.

Cheek said Joshua's life embodies what the 12th Man is. "That's one of the things that makes an Aggie an Aggie," Cheek said. "The character, the strength, the test of fortitude to move forward against all odds. That's what it's all about."

Joshua had been trying to get his wife to Kyle Field for years. Now, he finally has. His wife, Brittany, said she can finally see Kyle Field as her late husband did: as his home away from home.

"He tried to take the Aggie Spirit wherever he went with him," Brittany said.

What makes the day even more special to the family is it's also his wedding anniversary, making the dedication even more precious.

"It'll be something I will always remember and something he will find very special," Brittany said.