Former Texans Share Their Experiences With Hurricane Sandy

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Texans are used to Hurricanes, but not like this. That's why we talked to Texans who now live up North. They describe how Hurricane Sandy has ripped through the area.

Brenna Flores is a former producer with KBTX.

"Last night all we heard was sirens and that's a little scary the unknown you don't know where the sirens are going to.It's very, very quiet so it's strange," said Flores.

Kennedy Asare who lives in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey describes the damage he's seen around him.

"There are a lot of people without power as we speak and I look around me there's power lines on the ground, street lights are out so there's a lot of blockage on the road so there's a lot of detour and flooding," said Asare.

The storm is keeping many in their homes.

"Hopefully we can recover as fast as possible," Asare.

Estania Martinez, formerly from San Antonio lives in the Bronx and says that everything in the area is closed.

"Basically all the subways are flooded and damaged. I know 42nd street completely is flooded, 85th street and inside of all the subways stations, they don't know when they'll have the subways to begin to run," said Martinez.

Since living in New York this has been the hardest they have been hit, even with Hurricane Irene last year.

"It was the most scariest thing that I've ever heard," said Martinez.

In a time when there's so much loss and grief, some are still grateful.

"People were happy to just know that they are alive and safe," said Martinez.