Former Texas State Bomb Threat Suspect Feels Vindicated After Charges Dropped

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Charges have been dropped against a 19-year-old Bryan woman who was accused of sending a bomb threat to Texas State University and spent more than a month behind bars.

Brittany Henderson was also questioned for a bomb threat at A&M, but not charged in that one.

News 3 spoke with Henderson Monday.

She's excited about the fresh start, but is still working to clear her name.

Brittany Henderson has something to smile about.

"I'm thankful God is good. Very good," she said.

On Friday her attorney John Quinn called to tell her she she'd been cleared of e-mail bomb threats to Texas State University in October.

She'd maintained her innocence from the beginning. We first spoke with her after finally bonding out in December.

She spent 42 days in jail.

"I would say really angry at the whole process," she said in a December 11, 2012 interview.

The Hays County District Attorney's Office told the Austin-American Statesman there wasn't enough evidence to move the case forward. They also said police did an outstanding job.

Henderson's ex-boyfriend Dereon Kelly is under indictment in Brazos County for causing Texas A&M's bomb threat scare last October one day before threats at Texas State.

Investigators say both e-mails came from Brittany's Yahoo! address, but Kelley sent them from his phone. Henderson says Texas State Police made a mistake charging her.

"If they would've went through the investigation thoroughly like the FBI and A&M did then I would not have had to go through what I had to go through," she said.

Her father Charles Henderson wants to hear from the Hays County DA and Texas State Police.

"I do believe they owe my daughter an apology," said Henderson.

"I had amazing people praying for me who were very supportive. It wasn't too hard to keep my head up, I got down but it's just a roadblock in life you've gotta keep going," said Brittany Henderson.

Moving forward despite anger at her ex-boyfriend and with the internet, accusations people won't ever forget.

Texas State University Police and the Hays County District Attorney's office did not return our messages for comment Monday, but spoke with us in previous months.

Monday afternoon a receptionist with Texas State University Police said comments on the case are being handled by the Hays County District Attorney's Office.

Brittany Henderson and her defense attorney are working to have her record expunged.

She wants to attend Sam Houston State in the fall and then possibly attend law school.