Former Nursing Home Operator to Stand Trial Before Jury

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You may remember the stories News 3 ran on Rose Rodriguez and her Rose Home living facility for seniors.
A trial date is now set for the former nursing home business operator.

Rose Rodriguez said, "There was never an issue that we were operating illegally."

Apparently, this isn't the only lie to come out of Rose Rodriguez's mouth.
The 46 year-old former nursing home operator is charged with three counts of aggravated perjury, accused of lying under oath during a civil suit.

Family members of Danese Medders Maxwell say she received insufficient care at The Rose Home, formerly located on Pease Street in Bryan.
The suit goes on to say Mrs. Maxwell developed such severe bed sores they reached down to the bone, actual pictures are too graphic to show on television.

"They certainly believed it was a contributing factor to a premature death," said Fred Davis, who is representing the family in the lawsuit.

Even one of Rose's former employees spoke to us, admitting she wasn't qualified to be a caregiver.

Delia Rodriguez said, "They didn't even stay for a night to train me. They just told me what I had to do and left me there, by myself, with three elderlys."

Back in 2010, News 3 first uncovered Rose was operating multiple elderly care facilities, something the city of Bryan would later discover for themselves.
She is now facing a jury trial and charged with tampering with evidence, theft, four misdemeanors and three counts of aggravated perjury.

According to the indictments, Rodriguez lied three times under oath about Maxwell's medical records.

Davis said, "The records went on for six days after Mrs. Maxwell had died."

This is just one case out of one nursing home.

Rose Rodriguez said, "As far as the other homes are concerned, they fall under different categories. They fall under my daughter, my mother has a home."

Those who've lived near former Rose Homes, like Anita Ramey, are hoping Rose Rodriguez is finally held responsible for her actions...or lack of action.

Ramey said, "In the end I know justice will be served and God is on the side of those who are right."

Rose Rodriguez is scheduled to return to the 272nd District Courtroom on June 5th, a year after her arrest.
She's facing a maximum of 22 years in prison, not including the misdemeanors.