Former Rose Home Operator Arrested For Felony Theft Of Property

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*10 P.M. Update*

A Bryan woman who once ran controversial personal care homes is in trouble with the law again.

Rose Rodriguez is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from three couples who thought they were purchasing homes that weren't hers to sell.

News 3 spoke with one of the couples that claim to have lost their savings on two homes that were already foreclosed on.

Rose Rodriguez is accused of taking more than $76,000 from three separate couples for the sale of three homes.

One of the homes had even been advertised on a Spanish newspaper and Radio Allegria.

47-year-old Rose and her husband 50-year-old Carlos were arrested Friday for felony theft of property.

Rose faces four counts, her husband faces one.

The Brazos County District Attorney's Office opened the investigation after six alleged victims came forward.

One couple we spoke with off camera went to church with Rose and her husband and had been family friends.

Court documents show they gave $58,000 to Rose and Carlos for a home on East 27th Street in Bryan that had actually been owned by the Rodriguez' relatives and had been foreclosed on for non-payment.

The reported victims we spoke with claim to have also purchased the deed to a home on Morris Street that was also foreclosed on.

And another couple who's friends with these victims claims the Rodriguez's also sold the home on Morris Street to them.

You may remember Rose has had previous arrests and publicity in the media over the controversial personal care homes she used to run in Bryan including the Rose Home.

In a separate case she is facing a jury trial and is charged with tampering with evidence, theft, four misdemeanors and three counts of aggravated perjury from a civil lawsuit investigating the care of one of her former patients Danese Medders Maxwell.

Both Rose and Carlos Rodriguez spent a little over an hour in the Brazos County Jail before posting bond Friday afternoon.

Rose Rodriguez has more than half a dozen arrests in Brazos County dating back to 1994, according to jail records.

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A Bryan woman who operated controversial personal care nursing homes is arrested again, this time for felony theft of property.

47-year-old Rose Rodriguez and her husband 50-year-old Carlos Rodriguez were arrested Friday for felony theft of property.

Rose Rodriguez, the former nursing home operator is charged with three counts of aggravated perjury and accused of lying under oath during a civil suit in a separate case.

Both are out of the Brazos County Jail after posting bond.

News 3 will bring you the latest information on their arrests Friday night at ten.