Former Snook City Secretary Indicted For Embezzling Thousands Of Dollars

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Thousands of dollars have disappeared in Snook and the former City Secretary has been indicted by a Burleson County Grand Jury.

News 3 has reaction from Snook, where some residents had no idea there was any money trouble at city hall.

It's news no one expected in the small town of Snook.

And word is still spreading.

Former City Secretary Debbie Mautz has been indicted by a Burleson County Grand Jury for embezzling city money.

"Pretty surprising. Actually shocking," said Snook resident Melanie Ybarra.

Ybarra has called this town home for nearly 20 years and had no idea problems were going on at city hall.

"I wouldn't even expect that around here. It's pretty quiet I mean everything's laid back. It's pretty surprising actually," she added.

While Mautz hasn't been city secretary for over two years, the allegations, according to District Attorney Bill Parham she stole between $100,000 and $200,000 over a period of years.

A situation Ybarra says makes her upset.

"Yeah in a way it does. It I mean it could have actually helped around here. You know fixed a couple of roads and done all that but I mean yeah in a way it is pretty upsetting," said Ybarra.

It's still unknown at this time exactly how much money was allegedly stolen and how it happened.

Ybarra wants accountability.

"That's what we expect and I mean we weren't really expecting none of that I mean it's pretty quiet, it's pretty shocking," she said.

Mautz has not been arrested even though the indictment came more than two months ago.

The new Snook City Secretary as well as Mayor John See declined to comment on the case pending the investigation.