Fort Hood Troops Return Home from Afghanistan

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Some 600 soldiers from Fort Hood have returned home from deployment to Afghanistan as part of the United State's effort to fight terrorism.

Wednesday in Killeen, soldiers uncased their flags as part of a ceremony to mark the return of the III Corps Headquarters that helped provide security for a large sector that included the capital of Kabal.
But not everyone made it back safe and sound.

With this uncasing ceremony, Fort Hood's III Corps Headquarters has completed its mission providing security in Afghanistan, replaced by troops from Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Fort Hood Commander Lt. General Mark Milley, is the outgoing commander of the Joint Command in Kabul.

He said, "Over the last 10 months our Ft. Hood soldiers have helped to make sure that terrorists will never again find sanctuary to attack our country from Afghanistan."

600 troops from Fort Hood have been returning by charter and military flights over past few weeks.

On Sunday, a joyful reunion on post as soldiers reunited with their families and friends.

A great big hug from children and husbands and wives for those returning from a long deployment.

A daughter apprehensive of a dad she hasn't seen in 10 months...

Another, so happy to see daddy...

And then that reassuring touch...Is it really you, Dad?

But with all the happiness, comes a reminder that 151 military personnel have been killed in action during the past 10 months.

Lieutenant General Milley said, "Of those killed in action, 4 came from Fort Hood. I ask that all of you here today, amidst the happiness of reunions, keep those we lost and their families in your thoughts and in your prayers."