Four Accidents at Briarcrest & Hwy 6 Have Some Worried About Driver Inattention in Construction Zones

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BRYAN In the last week there have been four crashes on Briarcrest Drive, which is currently being widened. All of the accidents have been relatively minor, but one woman is worried the next one will be a lot more serious.

Thousands of people drive Briarcrest every day. They share the road with neighbors and strangers.

They also share it with construction workers.

"That's my husband, right there! Please pay attention to that," says Dee Ann Harris. Her husband has been in construction for 30 years. He's currently working on the Briarcrest expansion project.

"My husband gets up at 4:30 in the morning. They are trying to work around the busy hours. They work on the weekends. They work around the clock sometimes. They are really trying to clear up that area around Briarcrest," says Harris.

In fact in the last week, there have been four accidents alone at the intersection. One of those accidents even involved a Bryan Police cruiser. In most of these accidents, police say that drivers have run red lights. It's that level of distraction that worries Dee Ann.

"I know it's an inconvenience to go through a construction zone when you're going to work," says Harris.

"All in all, with a city that's growing like it is, you've got to respect the construction zones," she continues.

The Briarcrest project is part of a nearly $5 million expansion that is scheduled to be finished this fall.

"So instead of just following the arrows in a construction zone, make sure that you know there are humans there too," advises Harris.

Solid advice for an ever changing road. In all there have been nine accidents at the intersection of Briarcrest Drive and Highway 6 since January 1st of this year.