Three Suspects in Custody After Traffic Stop Puts Schools on Alert

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Three people are in police custody after a routine traffic stop in College Station put several local schools on alert.

25 year old Johan Cruz of Houston, 27 year old Richard Andres Rivas and 22 year old Gloria Cardozo, both of Colombia South America, were arrested by College Station police.

Wednesday afternoon, an officer pulled over a vehicle for speeding at the intersection of Welsh Street and Dover Drive yesterday afternoon.
Officers say the 3 occupants of the vehicle were acting suspiciously.
A search of the car turned up a back pack full of cash and jewelry.

That's when one of the male passengers fled from the vehicle.
He ran south from the intersection of Welch and Rock Prairie and because several local schools were nearby, police were forced to put them on alert while they searched for the suspect.

While officers were searching, a report of a burglary came in from a home nearby.
The reported stolen items were similar to those found in the vehicle.
The two suspects still inside the vehicle were arrested.

A third suspect was arrested around 11:30 Wednesday night in the 3400 block of Nottingham.

He was taken to the College Station Medical Center to be checked out and then booked into jail.