Good News Following Bryan Fourplex Fire

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BRYAN - A fire tore through a fourplex at the Oak Forest Apartments on Westridge Circle in Bryan Tuesday afternoon. The Bryan Fire Department is calling the building a total loss. The cause of the fire is still a mystery until the Fire Marshal completes the investigation.

Only property was lost, but it could have been much worse.

Neighbors say the fire started in one of the bottom units of the building. They were alerted that something was wrong when the man living there ran out of his apartment.

"I heard he was out here naked, screaming and stuff like that. That ain't the first time I heard him out here screaming so I guess it wouldn't be anything new," said Jeremy Rowe, who witnessed the whole thing.

This time was serious, though. Already burned, the man neighbors call "Frankie" would have gone back into his apartment if Peggy Bell wasn't there.

"I came out, and I heard him say 'fire' and I saw smoke. I took off running. Where did you run to? I ran from my apartment across the way to the fire to grab him," said Bell.

The man was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in critical condition. There's no telling what would have happened if he went back in.

"I don't know I just seen someone that needed help and I just ran I didn't think. I just did it. now as I'm thinking about it I'm kind of shaken, but I'm glad I was able to help someone out," Bell said.

There's even more good news to come out of today's tragedy.

"I saw the little dog get out safely," said Rowe.

Max the dog was in one of the apartments when the fire started. His owners say he survived under a mat, was singed from the flames. Firefighters rescued him and gave him oxygen. He should be just fine.

The man hospitalized for burns is the only person who was injured.

A bit of good news, as families are faced with what comes next.

Picture by Chris Moore
Picture by Chris Moore