Fourteen 8-Liner Gambling Machines Confiscated at Madisonville Store

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More arrests and more details have surfaced after Madisonville police raided a convenience store. The MS Grocery Store on May Street was temporarily shut down Friday as police and K-9's moved in to investigate an alleged illegal gambling operation.

"It’s kind of like Vegas, except you don't pull a lever,” said Madisonville Police Chief C.W. “Chuck” May as he explained how the 8-liner machines worked.

They may not be as sexy as underground poker rooms, or the Las Vegas Strip -- but over the years -- their existence has become much more prevalent around the Lone Star State; and according to Chief Chuck May, more so in rural Madison County.

"You just push a button and then it just starts rolling cherries and numbers and fruits at you," said May.

May says the illegal business can be lucrative for both the business and consumer.

“There's a lot of money involved when you have people come over here on pay day and cash their checks and head back to the room back there,” said May.

Although their appearance might seem harmless, authorities say using 8-liner electronic machines for personal gain while gambling -- is against the law.

"You get them all lined up and you get credit; you take your credit slip up to the cash register; you cash it in and get your part, and then they [establishment] keep theirs,” said Chief May.

On Friday afternoon 14 eight-liner machines were confiscated from a private room located in the very back of the MS-Grocery Store on May Street in Madisonville.

Charline Grisham Scholz, Hector Noe Rodriguez, Qasim Saeed, Zahid Sattar and Delossantos Quiuber Lira were arrested during Friday afternoon’s raid.

May says the store is also accused of selling alcohol to minors as well as selling synthetic marijuana, or more notroriously known as: K2.

Sources tell us, the store was back open for business the very next day. We reached out to the store clerk and the owner for comment, but were declined.

Madisonville Police Chief Chuck May says the investigation continues and more arrests are expected to be made.