Fourth Navasota HS Bomb Threat Hoax

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NAVASOTA - Navasota High School evacuated students Tuesday because of the fourth bomb threat this year.

The school district notified parents about Tuesday's threat through the district website and on Social Media. But some parents wonder why they didn't get a notice by phone like they do when school is canceled because of weather

"You can get a phone call for that but you can't get one for a bomb threat," said Monica Williams, a NHS parent. She also says that it is embarassing for the community as a whole because the school did not notify her and other parents outside of the internet about the threat to their kids.

We tried to contact the school district for comment, but they have not returned our calls.

Of the four bomb threats the school has received so far this year, arrests have been made in two. Another one is unsolved, but police are looking to see if today's is connected.

"Right now they're looking at a felony. Which one of the things we even talked about today is that when you're associating cost, this particular case, what we're going to compile together is how much it actually cost everyone involved. We're even thinking of going to the prosecutor and asking for restitution," said Navasota Police Chief Shawn Myatt.

Navasota Police and school district plan to work with other schools in the area to see how they handle threats. Some schools are known to postpone evacuations until a credible threat has been established.

"Hopefully we'll have a lot more to work with in the future once we get together and meet with these other schools and possibly even put together a better ability to respond to these things," Myatt said.