Freezing Drizzle Causes Brazos Valley Bridge and Road Closures, Accidents

Picture sent in by News 3 viewer of 15 vehicle accident near Nantucket subdivision.
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Freezing drizzle is causing multiple bridges and overpasses to be shut down across parts of the Brazos Valley until TxDOT can treat those roadways.

7:00pm Update:

Two people were sent to the hospital for major injuries late Saturday after a weather related eight vehicle accident affected 24 people near Nantucket. This is the same accident CSPD initially thought was a 15 vehicle accident.

According to College Station Police, the major accident on northbound Highway 6 occurred just after 10:00 due to a patch of ice. Police say the first and second cars lost control after driving over a patch of ice and hit the concrete barrier on the other side of the highway. Then, officers say the exact same thing happened to another five cars and lastly, a motorcycle. All spun out of control, hitting the concrete barrier.

Authorities said the motorcyclist and woman driving a Nissan Altima were transported to the hospital for serious injuries.

8:45am Update:

All bridges in Bryan previously shut down due to ice are now open.

7:25am Update:

All overpasses previously shut down due to ice formation in College Station are now reopened.

1:40am Update:

A woman said she is counting her blessings after her SUV skid across 290 East in Brenham and crashed into the median and was facing oncoming traffic. The driver said she was driving "cautiously" when her Ford Explorer lost control on an icy bridge. The bridge had already been treated by TxDOT before the accident. Luckily, no one was injured.

11:22pm Update:

According to CSPD, "The southbound exit for Rock Prairie Road from Earl Rudder Freeway has been cleared of traffic and is open at this time. Westbound overpass of Harvey Mitchell at Wellborn Road has been sanded and is opened for traffic.

As of this time the only roadways still shut down for traffic are as follows:

Harvey Mitchell Parkway-eastbound overpass at Wellborn Road.

Earl Rudder Freeway-northbound traffic is being diverted to the northbound feeder road at Texas World Speedway as the investigation into the multi-vehicle crash continues at that location.

Motorists are urged to use caution at all times, to avoid overpasses if travelling and avoid driving if not necessary."
11:14pm Update:

According to Leon County officials, one lane of Highway 45 going northbound has been re-opened south of Centerville.

10:42pm Update:

TxDOT has requested that motorists stay off the roadways in Madison, Brazos, Robertson, Freestone, and Washington Counties.

According to News 3's Alex Lotz, Highway 60 is closed in both directions at the Brazos River. Once the bridge can be sanded, the roadway will be reopened. Traffic was backed up for miles.

10:34pm Update:

From CSPD, "The College Station Police Department is currently working a major crash on northbound Earl Rudder Freeway near Nantucket involving approximately 15 vehicles. Northbound traffic is being shut down/diverted at this time. Updates will follow as information is available."

9:57pm Update:

According to CSPD, "Raymond Stotzer Parkway overpasses at Harvey Mitchell Parkway, Turkey Creek and Highway 47 have been sanded and traffic is no longer being diverted. Motorists are still advised to use caution when driving on any roadway, specifically any overpasses as conditions can worsen with little notice."

9:48pm Update:

According to TxDOT, the Briarcrest overpass at Highway 6 has re-opened. KBTX staff is also reporting the Highway 21 overpass on Highway 6 has also re-opened.

CHURCH CLOSURE: Calvary Baptist Church at 2009 Cavitt Avenue in Bryan has reported there will be no services Sunday morning.

9:18pm Update:

From CSPD: "College Station Police Department is also currently working several accidents along Earl Rudder Freeway on the west frontage road from north of University Drive to Harvey Road. Motorists are asked to avoid this area and to use caution at all times due to the present road conditions.

As of this time, all of the previously reported roadways are still either closed or experiencing poor roadway conditions."

According to City of Bryan Officials, Briarcrest, FM 158 and MLK/Old Reliance are closed at the intersection of Highway 6. The city is also expected to close Woodville and FM 2818 at the intersection of Highway 6.

Caldwell Police have also closed Highway 21 East due to icy bridges.

9:15pm Update:

Sheriff Otto Hanak with Washington County reports law enforcement is currently working a 7-vehicle wreck involving and 18-wheeler and six other passenger vehicles.

Injuries are minor.

Hanak says people need to stay off the roadways, but if they must travel, go slow.

Bryan Police Department is reporting every bridge from Briarcrest north to the Brazos / Robertson County line shut down, as of 8:30pm. TxDOT was reported on the scene to start treating those roadways to make travel possible again.

College Station Police Department is reporting that multiple traffic accidents and are impacting traffic. As of 8:50pm, the following roads are closed -- at least temporarily:

--Harvey Mitchell Parkway-overpass over Wellborn Road closed both directions due to icy conditions

--Raymond Stotzer Parkway-overpasses at Harvey Mitchell, Turkey Creek, and Highway 47 are closed due to icy conditions and traffic crashes

--Earl Rudder Freeway-southbound exit to Rock Prairie closed due to icy conditions and traffic crash involving over a dozen vehicles

Multiple reports of the Brazos River bridge at Hwy 21 is shut down as well. Law enforcement is working to re-route traffic.

Reports of traffic being shut down on Hwy 6 north, heading into Hearne, at the bridge over Union Pacific Railroad tracks. Accident caused by a car sliding on slick conditions has law enforcement slowing / stalling traffic as of 9pm.