Winter Weather Threat Winding Down For Brazos Valley

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7:30am Wednesday Update

All Winter Weather Advisories were allowed to expire late Tuesday night.

While temperatures are kicking off in the lower 30s for most of the area, we have NOT yet had any reports of icy conditions on the roadways this morning. However, it's best to take extra caution during your morning commute, especially on bridges and overpasses, until temperatures are able to climb above freezing later this morning.

By the afternoon, we will look forward to partly cloudy skies and temperatures to warm up a bit, nearing 50 degrees.

10:45pm Tuesday Update

Rain has come to an end across the Brazos Valley, with the exception of a few patches of drizzle across the far Eastern side of the area.

We'll look for the wintry weather threat to come to an end -- however, we'll start to face a potential new threat for your Wednesday morning commute.

Due to the rain and drizzle earlier today, a few icy spots will develop overnight on area roads and overpasses. While a travel threat is not expected to be widespread, caution will need to be used on that morning commute. Milam, Lee, Burleson, Madison, Leon, and Northern Grimes County -- where temperatures dropped to 32° by 6pm Tuesday -- will especially need to take caution on that early morning drive.

After a cloudy and frigid start to Wednesday morning, we'll look for gradual clearing skies to take over. Temperatures will remain on the chilly side, but the sunshine is a step in the right direction. Temperatures steadily warm towards the upper 60s / low 70s by the end of the week / into the weekend.

Wednesday Forecast


10pm Tuesday Update

The National Weather Service has allowed the Freezing Rain Advisory, in place for Houston and Trinity Counties, to expire early.

The sole advisory out for our area is a Winter Weather Advisory for Lee County.

That Winter Weather Advisory is in place for areas of residual water (that fell from earlier rain) that could cause a few icy spots to develop on area bridges and overpasses as temperatures remain below freezing overnight.

9pm Tuesday Update

Light drizzle is starting to come to an end across Burleson County, as it nears the Snook area. We'll look for that back edge, of our rain activity, to continue east towards the Brazos River and, eventually, Bryan / College Station.

We'll continue to find most of our rain activity to come to an end, as it drifts east, through the 10pm hour. Drier air is working in from the Western side of Texas, leading to eventual clearing and anticipated sunshine Wednesday.


8:30pm Tuesday Update

The most significant rain / freezing rain mix falling across the Brazos Valley is drifting off to the east / northeast -- mainly through Madison, Walker, Houston, and Trinity Counties.

Behind that exiting rain is a light mist / drizzle / freezing drizzle (indicated by the light blue on the radar image below). For those above 32°, that light drizzle is falling as a cold liquid. Where the temperature has been down around 32° for a few hours, it could help add to a light glaze of ice, in spots, on area roads -- especially bridges and overpasses.

This activity is expected to clear most of the Brazos Valley by 10pm, with a few light showers lingering east of I-45 through midnight.

7:30pm Tuesday Update

Short-term forecast issued from the Houston / Galveston office of the National Weather Service:

"Patchy very light rain...Possibly mixed with some sleet will prevail through 9pm. Some freezing rain will also be possible north of a Navasota to Livingston line. Some icy spots on bridges and other elevated surfaces will likely develop north of the aforementioned line. All of the precipitation will end between 10pm and midnight. Please use caution if driving tonight and be prepared for the occasional icy spots on elevated bridges."

Good news for the 7pm hour? Temperatures look to be holding steady (for the time being) across the area. Caution is advised for those traveling near those spots already down to 32°.


7pm Tuesday Update

The National Weather Service has re-issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for Lee County, in effect until 12am Tuesday.

Residual water left on area roads could lead to spotty areas of ice to form on those cold surfaces. Should that occur, those icy build-ups could cause a bit of a travel concern -- especially first thing Tuesday.

That Winter Weather Advisory (blue) joins the remaining Freezing Rain Advisory (purple) in place for the far Northeastern Brazos Valley.


6:45pm Update

A few lines of cold, shower activity is moving to the east and southeast across the Brazos Valley.

While most of what is falling is coming down as a liquid rain, there area a few locations where a light freezing rain / freezing drizzle could be falling. Main concerns (for now) are located in Milam, Burleson, Madison, Lee, Leon, and portions of Northern Grimes County.

While widespread travel issues are not anticipated, there could be a few area roads that collect a light glazing of ice. Main concern will come from lesser-traveled bridges and overpasses.

Temperatures are anticipated to fall right to / below freezing in outlying areas over the next hour or two. Bryan / College Station's temperature is expected to reach freezing by 9pm to 10pm.

5:30pm Tuesday Update

As temperatures continue to drop we are monitoring light showers that continue to push through the area from west to east. In our far western counties there could be some light freezing drizzle mixed in with the rain where temperatures are slightly cooler. At this time in Bryan/College Station we are above freezing but once the sun sets we will see our temperatures start to fall near the freezing level. There will be a possibility for a light freezing rain if the showers are still moving through when temperatures drop to freezing. We are keeping our eye on this weather event as it continues to evolve.


4pm Tuesday Update

Significant rain is moving out of the Brazos Valley, to the east, across Houston, Trinity, San Jacinto, and Montgomery Counties.

With the exception of a freezing rain report from Robbins, in Leon County, most of what has fallen in the area today has been a liquid rain. That said, we are not out of the woods just yet.

A band of light rain / light drizzle was falling from Centerville to Madisonville to Southern Robertson and Milam Counties. That band turns into a wide area of light drizzle across North Lee County and just west of the Brazos Valley.

We'll keep a 30% to 40% chance of a light drizzle through the early evening hours. Once the sun sets, temperatures will have the chance to fall to or below 32°. Should those colder temperatures line up with some of this light drizzle, we could see a light glazing occur on area some area roads.

Overnight, a few computer models continue to suggest that a light burst of freezing rain or sleet could occur -- mainly around or shortly after the 5am hour. While the chance is low -- 20% -- it won't be completely out of the question. We'll need to monitor travel conditions across the Brazos Valley, but widespread issues are not anticipated (at this time).

3:30pm Tuesday Update

The Freezing Rain Advisory has been cancelled for most of the area but is still in effect for Houston and Trinity Counties through midnight. Temperatures will continue to drop through tonight allowing for the slight chance for freezing rain in isolated areas. Showers are slowly but surely moving out of the Brazos Valley and should clear the area by late tomorrow morning.

12:30pm Tuesday Update

The Winter Weather Advisory for Milam, Robertson, Lee and Leon counties has been allowed to expired. All that remains for the Brazos Valley is a "Freezing Rain Advisory" until midnight tonight for the counties highlighted in purple.
*See photo below*

10:30am Tuesday Update

A few scattered showers continue to flow into the Brazos Valley from the Southwest and the Hill Country. As these showers have been moving to the Northeast, some have been falling apart or simply coming through as light rain / drizzle. However, as we get closer to the afternoon hours, rain chances will increase, allowing for scattered showers to easily hold together and move through the area, even into the evening hours.

While all wintry precipitation has been staying to the North and West (as seen in the radar image below), conditions will need to be monitored once again late this evening as temperatures are expected to fall below freezing after midnight. If rain is all moved out by that time, wintry precipitation will no longer be a concern, only possible ice patches on the roadways from standing water that could freeze overnight.

8:00am Tuesday Update

At this time there are no reports of icy roadways in the Brazos Valley. Temperatures remained above freezing and showers were minimal. Through the day we are anticipating temperatures to hover in the mid 30s and drop below freezing tonight. With temperatures starting to drop after sunset and the possibility for showers in the forecast we will need to monitor the possibility for freezing rain once again this evening.

In the meantime stay warm and grab an umbrella for the afternoon.

6:00am Tuesday Update

The Freezing Rain Advisory that is in effect for parts of the area has now been extended until MIDNIGHT tonight.

Overcast skies continue to dominate the Brazos Valley as temperatures sit in the mid 30s all across the board. While the air is very saturated, radar is not indicating precipitation reaching the ground. As the morning progresses, some light drizzle to light rain could start falling. However, the type of precipitation (rain or freezing rain) depends greatly on how close temperatures get to 32°.

10:45pm Monday Update

The National Weather Service has now officially added Lee County to the WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY list. That advisory is slated to expire at 6pm Tuesday.

As with the Winter Weather Advisories discussed below, light freezing rain looks to be the main concern should precipitation fall Tuesday morning. If it can persist through the day, a light sleet could possibly mix in as well.


10pm Monday Update

The National Weather Service has replaced the Freezing Rain Advisory with a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY across Milam, Robertson, and Leon Counties. That new advisory is set to expire at 6pm Tuesday.

The difference between a Freezing Rain Advisory and a Winter Weather Advisory? Those under the Winter Weather Advisory (counties shaded in blue below) could see a mix of freezing rain / sleet -- especially if temperatures remain at or below 32° past 10am.


At this point and time the chance for wintry precipitation comes down to tonight's low. Our low temperature is expected to dance around freezing early tomorrow morning allowing for a small window for frozen precipitation.

Here's a look at the "lowest case possible" for overnight lows across the Brazos Valley. Important to note that these temperatures will be found around sunrise Tuesday morning (roughly 6am to 8am)

With temperatures near freezing to start the day, and just above by the afternoon, there could be areas that falling precipitation could create slick road conditions -- especially on elevated surfaces.

The map below is a rough estimate on where freezing rain / drizzle looks the most likely should temperatures manage to dip to or below 32° Tuesday morning:

Temperatures will need to be monitored as we head out for our Tuesday morning commute.

Travel could be impacted if:
-- Light rain / drizzle is falling by or before 7am Tuesday
-- The air temperature is at or below 32°

Travel *should* be fine if:
-- Temperatures are at or below 32° and conditions are dry (aka light rain / drizzle is NOT falling)
-- Light rain / drizzle is falling but the air temperature is 33° or warmer

Current conditions, temperatures, and a look at the radar can always be found on the Homepage of or on-air during Brazos Valley This Morning, from 5:30am - 7am, on News 3.