Friends React after 2 Found Dead in Rubble during House Fire in Deanville

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An update now on a story we first told you about Tuesday night at 10 on a father and son whose bodies were found in the rubble of a house fire in Deanville. That's in Burleson County, about 10 miles southwest of Caldwell. Still no word on whether the father and son were killed by the fire, or died before the fire started.

This is all that is left of the place 71-year-old James Suehs and his 49-year-old son James Jr. called home.

"Me and my friend had been over there every day this week trying to help them,” said friend Heather Gaconnet.

Heather Gaconnet helped care for the father and son who she says had severe health problems.

“He [James Jr.] was always a happy lucky type of person and despite his health problems, it never seemed to get him down,” said Gaconnet.

"They both kept to themselves," said neighbor Butch Kindt. "There would be days where we wouldn't see them at all."

Around 11:30 Tuesday night, neighbor Butch Kindt says he looked outside his window...

“All I could see was smoke coming out from behind over there,” said Kindt.

Firefighters say the home, nestled on County Road 101 in Deanville was fully engulfed when they arrived. We're told it took more than four hours for both Deanville and Caldwell Volunteer Firefighters to extinguish the flames. The bodies were discovered in the rubble. Investigators with the State Fire Marshall's Office are trying to determine if the two died as a result of the fire or something else.

“They had little ten gallon propane tanks like the kind you get at tractor supply, and the propane bottle was still there when we left so it doesn't seem like that could have caused it, but I did notice they also had little electric heaters too,” said Gaconnet.

The bodies of the victims have been sent to the coroner's office to figure out how they died.