Friends Remember Aggie Cyclist Killed in Crash as Passionate, Joyful

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COLLEGE STATION A Texas A&M graduate and cyclist is being remembered tonight. Jackie Price Dunn, Class of 2002, died in what many in the cycling world are calling a freak accident Tuesday at a Velodrome in San Diego.

Dunn was knocked off her bike and the fall left her brain dead. She was kept alive at a hospital, but doctors said there would be no change.

Friends and family say Dunn was a woman of passion for Christ and people.

"College Station still had this place in her heart," remembers Rachel Markham. Telling stories and looking at pictures of her friend Jackie, she can't stop laughing.

The memories she has of her friend are happy ones. Memories that make the news of Jackie's death hard to understand.

"She is so happy right now in heaven," says Markham, holding back tears.

"Even though us earthly people can't understand that joy, she's there. She's happy."

Jackie was an avid cyclist. She lived with her husband in San Diego. During a race on Tuesday, there was an accident. Jackie fell on her head.

"She always had a helmet on, but it's just that part that there's no helmet that it just hit right there," says Markham.

The crash left Jackie brain dead. Her family decided to keep her on life support long enough to have her organs donated, hoping that she can save others.

"The six people that she can potentially save their lives with her organs they just, they have such a neat piece, a neat person in them. And that her heart still lives on," says Markham.

The fact that she's helping others in her passing is a small comfort. Rachel knows that it's not her place to understand why her friend is gone.

"I feel like she's gone too soon," shares Markham.

"But God's on time. This was His time. And we will never understand it on this earth, but one day I look forward to meeting her in heaven and talking to her again."

A fund has been set up to help out the Dunn family. The money raised will go to organizations and causes that Jackie was passionate about.