Friends of Missing College Station Man Desperate for Answers

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Days after a College Station man went missing, friends are hoping for the best, but fearing the worst.

Brendan John Boyd, 24, known to his friends as John, hasn't been seen or heard from since Christmas day.

Boyd worked at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant on University in College Station. Coworker Kaylee Stasik said he'd only worked there for a short time, but it didn't take him long to make a big impression.

"I don't know of one person that didn't like him," said Stasik.

Stasik said the news of his disappearance had everyone in shock.

"I knew he loved it here," said Stasik. "I knew he loved going to A&M."

Boyd, who planned on attending Texas A&M for his master's degree, told friends he was headed back to his hometown of Abilene for Christmas to see friends.

Boyd's manager said Boyd worked Christmas Eve, and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary while he was there. She said he was a hard worker who fit right in at the restaurant.

Stasik said she may have been the last person to hear from him.

"I heard from him Christmas day," said Stasik. "Around 6:30, he texted me Merry Christmas."

She wasn't able to respond until the next day, but Stasik said Boyd would never text her back.

Stasik said she eventually called Boyd after he missed his work shift two days after Christmas, but he didn't answer.

"And then I texted him, hey, if you're missing work, this isn't cool," Stasik said. "If you're ignoring me and missing work, that's really not cool."

Stasik's manager said after another two days with no word from Boyd, she called police.

Chuck Fleeger with the College Station Police Department said they're working with Abilene Police to try and track Boyd down. So far, police don't suspect foul play was involved.

"We're trying to contact anyone who knows the subject. Whether that's friends, coworkers or family," said Fleeger. "Trying to ascertain any information that they have."

Fleeger said Boyd may have been driving a black, 2007 Ford Mustang with Texas license plate BCB-3466.

If you have any information, you're asked to give police a call at 979-764-3600.