From the Ground Up - Brazos County Commercial Heifer Show

The Brazos County Commercial Heifer Show was held last week at the Brazos County Expo Complex and officials with the show believe that this is one of the best programs young people can be involved in.

Brian Brown is a show committee member.

“This is our sixteenth Commercial Heifer Show and sale. It was founded in 1997 with the premise of giving the kids a real world experience in raising cattle. Cattle are raised here locally in Brazos County, and our goal is to have the pens of heifers go back into the ranching community.”

Jim Banner is a judge for this year’s show.

“Especially for over in this country we’re looking for something that’s got a lot of middle to them, a lot of gut. They can consume a lot of grass. That’s what’s native. If we were out in West Texas around Midland or somewhere we’d want something that doesn’t consume as much grass, because their grass is totally different, so we’re looking for something with a lot of volume, looking for something with a lot of bone, cattle that can survive and get along well. Me personally, I look for, I want my mature cows to hit around twelve or thirteen hundred pounds.”

Brown says the part of the program that carries the most weight is how well the participants understand the business aspects of raising cattle.

“They are judged on the record book, and interview. The interview is probably the most important part of the project. Each participant is brought into a panel of three people and asked a variety of questions.”

He also believes that kids take away a lot from their projects.

“The most important thing is we are, the participants are learning to participate in a project that’s a very real world experience, and it’s not really about raising cattle it’s about raising kids. They learn a ton with this project and they can go on to use that in any aspect of life they so choose, no matter if it’s in the agriculture industry or some in other industry, we think they learn very valuable lessons.”