From the Ground Up - Challenges Facing Texas Agriculture

Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples was on the Texas A&M campus in College Station a couple of weeks ago and he talked a lot about the challenges facing Texas Agriculture.

“Our need for water resources is projected to be very high over the next 50 years and our water capacity doesn’t meet that projected need, so we’re going to have to do some smart things. Obviously, I believe agriculture has led the way. From 1974 to 2010 agriculture water consumption has decreased by 42%, all while our productions and our yields in so many different areas have increased and doubled in many instances.”

Todd Staples is the Texas Ag Commissioner and says that water is just as important to municipalities as it is to agriculture.

“It is my belief that re cannot ration and restrict our way to growth. We have to develop new water capacity. We have to continue to invest in infrastructure and technology, new seed varieties, better irrigation equipment, in order to meet the needs of a rapidly growing state. No water. No jobs. That’s just the reality of what we face, and we need water for a growing and prosperous Texas.”

Lacking border control is threatening the livelihoods of some of our state’s agricultural producers.

“Texas producers that live and work on the Texas- Mexico border today are literally being chased off of their property by dangerous and violent treacherous drug cartels who are seeking to gain a foothold into America. Texas just happens to be the front line, but this is truly a national security breach.”

A lot of trading goes on between Texas and Mexico.

“Mexico is the number one trading partner for the Lone Star State, very important in terms of jobs and economic activity. We value this legal trade, but we cannot ever get to where we accept as the status quo, where land owners don’t have the ability to use and enjoy their property to the fullest extent because of some external force.”

I’m Kailey Carey, taking a look at Central Texas agriculture, From The Ground Up.