From the Ground Up - Kill Brush Any Time of Year

It’s fall, and it’s gotten cooler, and the trees are dropping their leaves.

Does that mean it’s probably too late to get rid of those three mesquite trees that have appeared in your pasture or that invasive woody vine that’s trying to take over your flower bed ?

“A lot of times, people only think of brush control because they’re looking at a foliar spray like we do in weed control and that foliar spray is usually done when the leaves on a woody plant are mature.”

Barron Rector is a range specialist with Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.

“If I can’t get every leaf covered with the chemical, then I’m not going to kill the plant. The root system is not attached to every branch at the same place in the root system so if I don’t spray this branch over here that part of the root system lives, so I have to get coverage on all the leaves. In the basal treatment, then I’m still spraying the surface, but I’m spraying the stem.”

Basal treatment of individual plants is more cost effective because it uses much less herbicide.

“We can go out and treat any woody plant in the area at any time of the year, even on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s afternoon with an individual plant treatment from our brush busters program that identifies the use of Remedy Ultra and diesel or vegetable oil as a basal stem individual plant treatment.”

Coming off a drought, sometimes woody plants can be more vulnerable than they might be otherwise.

“A lot of times using a stem treatment I can go ahead and take a weakened plant out easier, than if I had a plant that was very healthy with a big healthy underground root system.”

Whether you’re an agricultural producer or a homeowner, once you’ve identified an unwanted plant, the sooner you act to get rid of it the better.

“ Every day you wait, the bigger it gets, the more it costs you to control that plant.”

For more information, check into Texas A&M Agrilife Extension’s Brush Buster Program. I’m Kailey Carey, looking at Brazos Valley agriculture, From The Ground Up.