From the Ground Up - Referendum for Texas Beef Check-Off

The U.S Beef Check-Off Program is a producer funded marketing and research program that assesses one-dollar per beef animal at the time the animal is sold.

The money collected is used for marketing, research, and education, and is designed to increase demand for beef both here in the U.S and internationally. There’s talk that the Federal program could be discontinued.

Kyle Kacal is a local rancher and District Twelve’s State Representative.

“There’s serious consideration at the Federal level to take that program away, and here in Texas we market over 50% of our beef outside of the borders of Texas, whether that’s nationally or internationally, so I was honored to carry House Bill 2312 in this last legislative session to give the producers the opportunity to vote on their own beef check-off program that will help fund and market Texas beef.”

The Texas Beef Council would administer the program.

“So it will be producer based and managed, so producers have the opportunity to vote on it, and then a group of producers and a council through the Texas Beef Council will manage the dollars. A refund is available. A producer will have sixty days to request that refund to the Texas Beef Council to get that dollar per head refunded.”

Kacal says Texas beef has never been better.

“What part of the cattle herd we have left in my opinion is the best. Ranchers had the opportunity to cull deep and we’re only keeping the best of the best, so our product at the other end to the consumer is a better on the table.”

In addition to marketing, research and education are funded with Beef Check-Off dollars.

“Look what they’ve done with the carcass, their research and development and educating consumers. We’ve come up with a number of new cuts of beef which are palatable, and just new opportunities that are economic for the consumer.”

For voting purposes, a producer is defined as anyone who owned cattle between June sixth of 2013 and June sixth of 2014.

“I’m proud of the legislature for giving producers the opportunity to give themselves a way to finance the marketing of one of the best products we produce here in Texas.”

Voting is June second through June sixth at local County Extension offices.