From the Ground Up - The Borlaug Institute

With the passing of Norman Borlaug in 2009, agriculture not only lost one of its finest ambassadors, but also a Nobel prize winner, the father of the green revolution, and a fierce champion for the use of common sense.

“We are very proud to use the name of Dr. Norman Borlaug for the Institute. He actually gave us permission to do so because he wanted an entity here at Texas A&M University that would continue his legacy of of fighting against global hunger.”

Dr. Elsa Murano is the Interim Director of the Borlaug Institute at Texas A&M University. The institute’s namesake is said to have saved the lives of two billion people with his agricultural research with dwarf wheat.

“Dr. Borlaug is not with us any more physically, he passed away in 2009 but he definitely is here with us in spirit.”

“When people are starving, you can’t look for that “perfect” that “zero” risk, it doesn’t count, they’re dying in big numbers. You’ve got to use the best you’ve got, and that’s they way it is in real life. And that’s why I have little patience for the utopians who sit in offices and make fancy plans about how to feed the 6 billion people that were are today.”

“He said to me and others who went to see him, we cannot let this fight end. We need to address it whole heartedly. We can feed the world. We have the technology. We have the where with all. We need the resolve to do it.”

Norman Borlaug’s legacy continues to thrive at the Borlaug Institute. I’m Kailey Carey, looking at Brazos Valley agriculture, From The Ground Up.