From the Ground Up - The Chew On This Tour

After many years of quietly going about their business of feeding our nation, and in fact the world, the Ag industry is engaging to tell their own story.

Some local Ag producers got a beef brisket lunch along with a preview of a video that’s making its way around the country

“We’ve never had anybody tell our side of the story. We have one per cent of the population out there that is driving their initiatives to tell us what they want to do with the animal production.”

And that’s what led the folks at Elanco Animal Health and Nutra Blend to outfit a movie trailer and a cook trailer and create the “Chew On This Tour” to try and educate people across the United States about agriculture.

“I think what was most interesting about the whole video that we saw today was the misinformation that the average consumer on the street has.”

“The video points out pretty vividly that there is a lot of ignorance out there, not stupid people, but they’re ignorant people that just don’t know what is happening in agriculture.”

“The one per cent out there are playing on human emotion, and playing on things that are not scientifically based or fact based.”

“It was a Will Rogers quote, he said it ain’t what you don’t know that hurts you, it’s what you think you know that ain’t necessarily so.”

The video is being played around the country and uses science and in some cases just simple truths to debunk some of the myths and misinformation being used by opponents of modern agriculture

“I think the average consumer, the young consumer nowadays thinks that food is made right there in the grocery store by some process.”

“Most of our population, you have to go back two or three or maybe four generations to get to somebody in that family that actually produced food.”

“The fact that we’re going to need seventy per cent more food in forty years is just amazing.”

“We’re going to have to increase production, and like the video said, the only way we can do it is with enhanced technology.

I’m Rich Johnson, tracing the path our food and fiber makes to our homes, From The Ground Up.