Frostbite, Broken Pipes, Heating Homes Safely A Concern Monday Night

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BRYAN, Texas As temperatures fall into the teens overnight, sometimes people will do anything to stay warm.

But taking desperate measures can end very badly.

Not only does the fire danger rise, but the cold can be detrimental to your health if you don't take the right precautions.

News 3 stopped by the Woodland Court Condos on
Villa Maria Road in Bryan. Where the grounds were very icy.

A perfect example of why it's important to turn your sprinkler systems off on night's like this.

Otherwise you'll wake up to what's a beautiful site, but also pretty dangerous especially if the road gets icy.

We could see windchills at times in the single digits Tuesday morning making for dangerously cold conditions.

It was a winter wonderland on Villa Maria Road in Bryan after a low temperature of just 22 degrees Monday morning.

Sprinkler systems caused a glaze of ice on everything from trees to bushes, and the grass.

Plumbers are having a tough time not only working in the chilly weather but have been busy with calls.

Brad Gause with John Gause Plumbing started at 7 A.M. with nine calls due to the weather.

The most common being related to outside sprinkler pipes like this. And they expect it to be worse Tuesday with an even colder morning.

"We've had anywhere frozen vacuum breakers, frozen hose bibs. We've had one frozen water heater inside a business. It was a tankless water heater, the business was closed over the weekend, didn't have their heaters on it froze and cracked," said Brad Gause.

Keeing safe inside is important too. College Station Deputy Fire Marshal Stephen Smith says they see lots of dangerous ways people work to keep warm.

"We've had them put wood in the portable grills and put those in the garage. We've had them overload the fireplaces of course. They'll do just about anything to stay warm. Heating blankets several at a time. We've had fires with heating blankets that were overloaded," said Smith.

Dr. Joseph Roman who practices internal medicine at The College Station Medical Center says shivering and numbness are warning signs of hypothermia.

"Whether that's putting on clothes, wearing a mask, putting on a hat, we need do something to warm up those extremities. And many times it's our body's way of telling us to get out of the extreme weather," said Dr. Roman.

Firefighters also recommend keeping space heaters at least three feet away from combustible materials.

If you have to use a generator to keep warm keep it at least ten feet away from the house outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

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It's going to be a chilly night in the Brazos Valley that verges on dangerous.

A hard freeze warning is in effect until Tuesday morning, and we expect to see lows in the teens.

We're keeping a close eye on the dropping temperatures at 6 P.M. it was already 33 degrees and with wind chills in the single digits Monday morning and Tuesday morning frost bite is a big concern.

It's only going to be getting colder over night.

Some of the chilliest weather we've seen in two years so having plenty of layers on is a must.

While the elderly and homeless are some of the most susceptible to problems from the cold you also want to make sure you take care of your kids to make sure they stay protected.

"The kids aren't going to be the ones who are noticing that their body is chilling more than it should . And so some common signs of hypothermia or when our body temperature if falling is shivering. It's important to get out of the weather when they are going to shiver so we want to dress our kids in a lot of loose clothing," said Dr. Joseph Roman, an Internal Medicine Physician at the College Station Medical Center.

Monday at ten we'll also speak with a local plumbing company about all the frozen pipes they are already fixing and speak with firefighters on ways to stay safe heating your home.