Fuego Tortilla Grill voluntarily shuts down after Salmonella outbreak

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College Station Fuego Tortilla voluntarily shuts its doors after an outbreak of Salmonella.

Brazos County health officials and the Texas Department of State Health Services began investigating a number of local Salmonella cases back in September of last year and have had continuous reports since then.

26 of the 30 confirmed cases are from Brazos County alone and involve people who live or have visited the area. The latest samples obtained from Fuego Tortilla Grill on May 13th showed four of the 36 samples tested positive for Salmonella.

Christy Sewell drove by the restaurant to pick up dinner when she heard the news about one of her favorite places to eat. She knows first hand how serious this bacteria can be. Sewell says, "I had a friend who had an outbreak. Their son was in the hospital for over a month last year and it was very scary."

Restaurant owner Paul Moler says he's disappointed in the findings and immediately shutdown his business voluntarily after he says the health department traced the outbreak to eggs. Moler says, 'We're using pasteurized eggs that cannot harbor salmonella. We've already put that in place. It's not worth taking the chance. Our customers are way too important and valuable to us."

Fuego is undergoing a deep cleaning by restaurant workers and another professional cleaning crew will disinfect a second time.

Moler says Fuego Tortilla Grill will reopen the restaurant Saturday.