Fundraiser For Fired Hearne Police Officer Stephen Stem Raises Thousands of Dollars

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BRYAN - Support is coming in from across the country and here in Texas for former Hearne Police Officer Stephen Stem.

And they're donating to a fundraising website set up by a police officer from Central Alabama.

News 3 spoke with this officer from hundreds of miles away, on why he felt it important to do this.

Donations are pouring in for a Hearne Police Officer now without a job.

Officer Stephen Stem was fired by the Hearne City Council on Saturday, four days after he shot and killed 93-year-old Pearlie Golden.

Her nephew tells us she was armed with a gun when Stem responded to a 911 call disturbance call at her home and she fired her gun into the ground twice when Stem arrived.

"Quite frankly I was outraged at the way he was being treated for simply trying to defend himself," said Chris Fisher, who is a police officer in Central Alabama.

He set up a GoFundMe webpage for Stem to raise money for his expenses even though he doesn't know him.

"Everyone knows that public servants don't make a lot of money. They live paycheck to paycheck and losing your source of income like that is devastating to a law enforcement family, so we just want to provide him with a way to support himself," he said.

Donations have poured in from Central Texas and across the globe with thousands of dollars already raised as they near their goal of $5,000 in just 24 hours.

"We received donations from as far as way as Australia from police officers and people who support law enforcement and the efforts of law enforcement. And it's been really good because so often all we get is the negative aspects where people are bashing police or they hate police," said Chris Fisher.

Fisher plans to keep the site up until Stem has a new job or financial stability.

Fisher says he plans to contact Stephen Stem Thursday and mail him a check soon.

At last check, more than $4,300 had been raised online.