Future Highway 6 Corridor Study Results Revealed

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The population in and around Bryan-College Station is booming! There are several State Highway 6 projects planned to help traffic in our area flow smoother and safer.

Bryan College Station’s Metropolitan Planning Organization held a public meeting to discuss a traffic study conducted on the corridor between Harvey Mitchell Parkway and William D. Fitch. The study identified existing conditions and potential projects that will help improve traffic flow, reduce delay and enhance safety.

Bryan resident Sharon Anderson says, ”Highway 6 is how the whole area gets back and forth. One way or the other, whether you’re a rider or a driver, at some point it’s going to affect you. So, knowing where it’s going and giving you input is important.”

The study identified 21 projects that will have a planning cost estimate of more than 100 million dollars. Bryan College Station’s MPO will prioritize the projects over the next 25 years as part of the long range transportation plans.