GOP Rules Texas, But Talking Like They're On The Ropes

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HOUSTON- Republican leaders say their worries about Texas Democrats winning elections should be taken seriously.

Democrats haven't won a statewide office in Texas since 1994. But Republican heavyweights such as George P. Bush and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott have begun talking candidly about the GOP losing its grip on the Lone Star State.

It's a noticeable pivot from a decade of Republican swagger in Texas. Rousing worries among conservatives is the arrival of the new political action committee Battleground Texas. The group, led by veterans of President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, is trying to turn Texas into a Democratic state.

Jenn Brown is executive director of Battleground Texas. She says they've signed up 10,000 volunteers since launching in February.

Republicans say their concerns are real and not a ploy to shake down donors.